Krikščionių piligrimystėPiligrimystė LietuvojeJonas Paulius II ir Lietuva
Jono Pauliaus II piligrimų kelias
I come, o Lord, as a pilgrim of peace and hope, ... to preach faith in you, and in our own resurrection...
John Paul II, Lithuania

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The Pilgrim Route connects the places which for long ages Lithuanians have cherished and considered holy. It has been named in honour of this great Pope and great pilgrim as a token of gratitude and respect. Just as John Paul II once helped the world hear the voice of the “silenced Church”, we hope that his intercession will help pilgrims from many different lands discover Lithuania’s living treasures of Christian faith...

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You are invited, together with the dearly loved Holy Father John Paul II, to visit Lithuania’s most important shrines...