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Į pirmą puslapį

May the light and truth of Christ guide our steps!
Dalės Šmerauskaitės fotografija
  • A history of construction and reconstruction that vividly reflects the path travelled by the entire Lithuanian people during the 20th century.
  • Stands out for its modern style, discreet monumentality and contemporary spirit.
  • The roof terrace has a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Šiluva.
  • A magnificent view of Kaunas and surrounding areas opens out from the roof terrace.

Christ’s Resurrection Church in Kaunas is a symbol of the Lithuanian nation’s spiritual revival and regained independence. The edifice invites believers to cherish their homeland and their Christian roots, and reminds them that Jesus Christ is the only sound foundation for the life of a nation. Christ’s Resurrection Church is one of the most expressive modernist-style churches in Lithuania, characterized by generalized bulk composition, sharp rhythmic verticals and a distinctive staircase silhouette, in the centre of which a 70-meter-high tower rises up toward the heavens. A chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Šiluva graces the roof terrace, which also offers the city’s residents and guests a breathtaking panorama of Kaunas.