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Į pirmą puslapį

Through Jesus’ passion to the home of the Heavenly Father.
Dalės Šmerauskaitės fotografija
  • One of Lithuania’s largest and most important religious architecture ensembles from the 17th and 18th-centuries.
  • A painting of the Tytuvėnai Mother of God and Child is venerated at the main altar.
  • Noted for a Way of the Cross, and for the Holy Steps in a chapel like one at the Lateran in Rome.

Tytuvėnai is a small town on the scenic plateaus of eastern Samogitia that is famous for the monuments to baroque culture it contains. Tytuvėnai’s Church of Our Lady of the Angels and Bernardine monastery complex are among Lithuania’s largest and most significant specimens of 17th and 18th century sacred architecture, reflecting as they do a multi-layered harmony of the gothic, mannerist and baroque styles. The ensemble consists of a church, a courtyard with the Holy Steps Chapel, and the stone wall of a two-story monastery. The main altar of the church features a painting of the Mother of God and Child which is famed for special.