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We adore you, Lord Jesus Christ, because by your Cross you redeemed the world!
Tomo Vyšniausko fotografija


Prayer before the Holy Cross

O Holy Cross,
Seed of all goodness
And covenant between earth and heaven,
You rescued us from evil and redeemed us from slavery:
Let us love you!

O Holy Cross,
Lone friend of Christ,
Sweet holy wood that welcomed him,
The whole world sings the praises of your beauty:
Save your children!

O Holy Cross,
Our salvation and love,
Source of our life and devotion,
You are the throne of glory where the King died:
May every soul adore you!

O Holy Cross,
In whom all shall live
And through whom all is accomplished,
You continue the victory hymn which Jesus intoned:
May your beauty shine on us forever!

O Holy Cross,
The Light and Truth,
And only hope of those who suffer,
At your foot the most faithful Virgin became our Mother:
May she Mother all mankind!

O Holy Cross,
Eternal temple of pardon
And a true sacrament of love,
The Church – that Mystical reality – was born in you:
In you may we, too, find our life!

O Holy Cross,
Given to us by Jesus
As a source of unity and bond of peace:
To the glory of the Father and praise of the King,
May the Spirit of Love visit us!