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May the light and truth of Christ guide our steps!
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Easter Prayer of John Paul II


O Christ! Crucified and Risen!
We thank you!

We ask your forgiveness
for every evil
that you encounter in the human heart and in the world;
we ask your forgiveness
for every good work that was left undone!

We adore you, o Risen Lord!
Like the Apostle Thomas,
who at first did not believe in your Resurrection,
we touch the marks of our Redemption
in your hands, in your feet, in your side,
and declare with vibrant faith:
“My Lord and my God!”

Accept this declaration,
this Easter message of the Church.
May it echo far and wide
in the greetings of joy,
spoken in diverse languages,
by which your followers
all throughout the world
confess and announce their faith in the Resurrection.