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The Son of God is worshipped here eternally.
Silvijos Knezekytės fotografija


Prayer to Our Lady of Šiluva

Most Holy Virgin Mary, you appeared in the fields of Šiluva to young shepherds, shedding tears on the rock that lies beneath this altar and saying reproachfully: “My Son used to be worshipped in this place, but now people only plough and sow.” Grant that, moved by your tears, we might like our forefathers glorify your Son, rebuild the neglected shrines of our hearts and win the Lord’s pardon for the negligence and sins of our people.

O Mother of God, we long to revive the forgotten glory of your apparition, to honour you even more as our Protectress, and with your aid to win from God a spirit of living faith for all this land. Amen.

Prayer Before the Miraculous Painting of Mary

O my Mother and my Sovereign, Queen of Heaven and earth, blessed by God with special graces, and the most exalted of all his creatures! Whatever your wish, God will grant it. In this very place where I, a sinner, now kneel before your miraculous painting, you have often shown your might, thus encouraging us to hope in your intercession. You have saved us from errant teaching and worked miracles to restore health to the sick, and even now you lead us along the paths of Divine Providence.

O most merciful and most powerful Mother, look kindly upon us sinners. Instil in the hearts of all your children an ardent love for your Son, Jesus Christ, so that, living in peace and brotherly love, we might ever worship Him and trust in your protection… O Mary, guard and defend our nation. Amen.