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Through Jesus’ passion to the home of the Heavenly Father.
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Christ’s Steps (or “Holy Steps”) Chapel

Christ’s Steps Chapel (also known as the Holy Steps Chapel) is a one-story edifice with a massive tower topped by a four-sided roof. Each of the building’s faces has a distinct silhouette. The stairs are made of stone brought from Sweden. Each step contains a glass-covered relic. One side of the staircase is for pilgrims to climb up on their knees, the other side is for them to descend.

Having climbed to the top of the stairs, pilgrims find themselves in a small upper chapel. There is an altar fashioned from plaster, centred on a Crucifix. St Mary Magdalene kneels beside the Cross, embracing it penitently. On one side of the Cross stands St John, on the other, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary with the sword of suffering. The chapel also contains two wooden sculptures of Jesus bound to the pillar.