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Hail, o Cross, our victory and our hope!
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We’re coming, we’re coming…

Lacrima, 2008

We’re coming to visit you, Lord, at this Hill of Crosses which has risen out of your suffering Heart! We’re bringing you, together with our own crosses, those of our brothers and sisters as well as the struggles of our nation. We’re coming from far and near, from all the corners of the earth where the Crucified Redeemer is known. We come carrying these visible signs of Salvation, bearing witness to your infinite love for us and to our fidelity.

We want to place our own crosses beside yours, Jesus, in order to obtain the strength to bear them. And so, when we fall down under the weight of our burden, the help of your grace will enable us to get up.

We’re coming to visit you, o Christ, at your invitation, following in the steps of all the poor souls who have visited here, so that a common ardent prayer, through the Holy Cross, might advance the cause of our own resurrection and that of all this land.

The footsteps left here by your vicar, John Paul II, still speak to us, and the Cross that he erected greets pilgrims who come from all parts of the world, serving as an invitation.

The Cross is, indeed, our only Hope! And the Hill of Crosses, so often crucified itself, shines upon us with the radiance of Christ’s Victory…

We’re coming. We’re coming with our crosses. And when we’ve laid them down by this Hill of the Beatitudes, we shall take our leave carrying your Peace. Amen.