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The shrine in which the heart of the Lithuanian nation beats.
John Paul II
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Prayer to St Casimir

O Saint Casimir, great devotee of the Holy Virgin Mary, Patron of Lithuania and its youth! Surrounded by the pleasures of the royal court, you kept a strong faith and a loving heart. By the merits of our Saviour and the intercession of his Blessed Mother, win from God the grace that our hearts might become more docile to his grace and mercy, and that our youth not lose their way in the dead ends of today’s world. For our nation, win faith and peace, for our selves, thankfulness and the hope of joining you, after the toils of this life, in the Lord’s eternal joy. Amen.

Prayer to the Sapiega Madonna

Queen of the Angels, O Heavenly Pearl! Your Son heeds our petitions when they come through your hands, so much does he esteem you. Protect this city and its residents. Despise not their petitions when they turn to you. For we raise our eyes to you as to our Mother. O Refuge of Sinners, through your intercession may the Lord grant us his grace and forgive us our faults. Mother of Mercy, spurn not our prayers when we fly to your protection! You know our needs better than we do. Protect us from every adversity, intercede for all people and unite them with your Son. Amen.